Diem supremum obire


VÖ 14.10.2011


According to the title of the album(Latin: move towards the final day) the album is dealing with the different facets of death, without seeming to be "pathos-pregnant" or "romantically transfigured". Rather, texts and music of the album deal with the varied expression of the 'last day' and stretch a musical and lyrical arc of mood and melancholy, from hopeful to desperate up to aggressively. The typical for Diodati known approach and handwriting remains despite the thematic and artistic variety always unmistakable. Sometimes very reduced, sometimes sumptuous, sometimes very classic and very experimental, but always with an emphasis on sophisticated compositions, intelligent lyrics and an artistically coherent overall concept, which still integrate pieces from the classical literature and music. Particulary for the literature Diodati have brought prestigious Support into the studio. In addition to the guest musicians there are writer like Christian von Aster with a text of Schiller and Marcus Testory (Chamber, ASP) with a text by Wilhelm Busch on the album. The album was mixed and mastered in the Potipro Studios.
Remixes of the album can be found on the Körperschall Remixsampler Vol.2 .



1.Hora suprema

2.(Der Tod einer Mutter)Lady Medusa of Suffer

3.(Der Tod einer Hoffnung)Window to a better Past

4.(Der Tod einer Schönheit)Nänie

5.(Der Tod eines Soldaten)Lili Marleen

6.(Der Tod eines Ich)Just a Mirror

7.(Der Tod eines Lebens)Life is Sand

8.(Der Tod einer Kultur)བོད་ཆེན་

9.(Der Tod einer Liebe)Taím sínte

10.(Der Tod eines Glaubens)Hinnen fuor der sun ze helle

11.(Der Tod)Boring Duty

12.(Der Tod der Zuversicht)Pack of Lies

13.Passing Time

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