Diodati - Susurrus Lake (Digipack)


Please notice that we hand out the album after the releasedate. (23.11.13)


The Diodatialbum is a big experiment with well known classical Diodati arrangements and instruments and a fusion of industrial and noise sounds. With their new album Diodati demonstrate a creative and artistic increase again.
Contrary to the last releases of DIODATI their new masterpiece named “Susurrus Lake” is not a conceptual album in the original sense. In fact, it is more of a collage of images and styles. So the central theme does not refer to the content - it is represented by the way stylistic devices and metaphors are used.
 That’s what the title reflects as well: The listener is captured and absorbed by a repetitive “susurrus”. However the “lake” needs to be understood in a more abstract way. It is meant to be a metaphor that enables the listener to compose his very own mosaic of the single songs: one piece might be the waterside, another one a dance on the surface of the water or below, a mirror and its reflections. With this in mind the instrumental title track in the middle of the album symbolizes the surface of the water. It divides the songs in plain and substantial ones at the beginning and those intangible ones, which appeal to the subconscious at the end of the album.
 “Susurrus Lake” characterizes the music of DIODATI as very diversified and breaks some rules of precedent. Classical pieces are combined with industrial elements as well as swing or jazz parts, not without, however, remaining loyal to their own characteristics. Typical elements used by DIODATI, like pieces of classical literature by Georg Trakl or Michael Ende, merge into complex harmonies. Still you get the feeling of listening to a one-piece work.
 It took two and a half years for “Susurrus Lake” to grow and thrive.
The instrumental core of the band – piano, cello and double bass – was occasionally extended with acoustic guitar, viola, drums and synthesizers. Also vocals were enriched by various musicians like e.g. Sonja Kraushofer (L’Âme Immortelle, Persephone, Coma Divine).

Track listing:

01. Der Dom

02. Maskenball

03. Despair

04. Near

05. Elis

06. Die Hurenkönigin (feat. Sonja Kraushofer)

07. Susurrus Lake

08. You

09. Pandoras biggest failure

10. Das Karussell

11. Shades

12. Für den Tänzer

13. Flicker

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