Dr. Kranck - Aus der Dunkelheit kommt das Licht (Superjewelcase)


Please notice that we will hand out the album after the releasedate (29.11.13)


Dr. Kranck - Aus der Dunkelheit kommt das Licht After his debut album "Haus 13" Dr.Kranck injects us his second Album “Aus der Dunkelheit kommt das Licht”. like his forerunner the dr. operates on us with Twisted, confused and aggressive Sounds. With oppressive bass, unanticipated melodies and hysterical screams Dr. Kranck shows us his world of nightmares and mental illnesses. This time he shows us round the emotional consequences of being selfhated, freaked out, narcissistic, burned out, conformable to a hated political system, Aggressive and the never ending selftherapy and research to get out of this hell. The album is much more melodical then before and the vocals are presented in different ways. In a few Songs like Gate of apperception Dr. Kranck experimented with binaural frequencies of drugs like Extasy and LSD and added them in his mixture of sound. The Dr. consulted the guitar player “wermouth” to play some rough Industrial guitars In Songs like “Tobsucht” and “Ausgebrannt”. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in the Potipro Studios and produced over a period of 2 years. For risks and side effects: make a little louder. Hellectro/Industrial/Aggrotech www.koerperschall-records.de

Track listing:

01. Bestie

02. Eigengrau

03. Selbstsucht

04. Visionen der Angst

05. Ausgebrannt

06. Gate of Apperception

07. Machtverein

08. Zeitwind

09. Impuls

10. Tobsucht

11. Socorro

12. Pakt der Ewigkeit

13. Kranck gemacht

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