Haus 13


VÖ 28.10.2011


Twisted, confused, aggressive and far away from lyrical and musical rules. These words describe Dr. Kranck's debut album "Haus 13" only partially. It will open the files of patients and shows how mentally ill people are treated inhumanely and pharmaceutical companies are experimenting with them. With songs like "Menschen mit Visionen" or "Trauma Traum" is told how in our society as "sick" -defined people could feel and  think. With songs like "Strippenzieher" (feat. Ellipse) Dr. Kranck shows scenarios of war in a brutal and critical way. On the other hand, he let shine through Kranck's sick humor with songs such as "Wurzelbehandlung". With oppressive bass, unanticipated melodies and hysterical screams Dr. Kranck goes with us through his world of nightmares and mental illnesses.
The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in the Potipro Studios and produced over a period of 4 years.
Remixes of the album can be found on the Körperschall Records Remix Sampler Vol 2.

For risks and side effects: make a little louder.



01 Isolation
02 Antisuizidtänzer
03 Strippenzieher (feat. Ellipse)
04 Trauma Traum
05 Weißes Rauschen
06 Menschen mit Visionen
07 Wurzelbehandlung
08 Zukunftsvision
10 Sirius delta 9
11 Serial killer

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