Verlorene Zeit


VÖ 11.11.2011


After their albums "Welt aus Papier" and "Elektro Computer Maschinen Musik" there was silence around Ellipse. The louder they come back with the new album "Verlorene Zeit".
As the name suggests, the album is about how we are wasting our time. Whether under pressure to survive, fear or false pride: we always find a reason to want something and make the opposite.
This is presented in 11 songs of harsh industrial beats, groovy EBMbasslines, crushing guitars and synth, and with impressive Orchestralmelodies that stay in the head and motivate to dance. An interesting mix of guitar and electronic music ensures that you can not define the album unambiguous as the "one or other". With the song "Fakeland" Massimo introduces  the singer (Pete) of their upcoming project "pain level" for the first time, of which 2012 the first album is expected.
Vocally Massimo is supported in songs like "Herzwalzer" or "Verlorene Zeit" by a female voice (Serathina) for the first time. She also sings a song alone which is called "Bleib bei mir". The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in the Potipro Studios and was produced over a period of 2 years.
You should take the time to listen to this album and think about it a little, because it may save a lot of time in the future in some situations.  Remixes of the album can be found on the Körperschall Remixsampler Vol.2 .




1  White angel 

2. Ich weiß nicht mehr wer ich bin 

3. Feeling to feel nothing at all 

4. Zeitmaschine 

5. Herzwalzer 

6. Bleib bei mir 

7. Wir schaun uns dumm 

8. Verlorene Zeit 

9. Fakeland feat. Pain Level 

10. Grenzwert 

11. Geldsucht 

EUR 12,00