VÖ 07.10.2011


After several months of experimenting with the frequencies, the latest Instruments and of course the highest gains (sure!) the first step was done. With our sound we want to tear down walls and bring the dance floor to rock. With our ultra-deep, crisp base drums and synths we want to bring the limiters of the discos to blink like a firework and warming up the amp correctly.
We need and brought forth: "Sindustrial"




01 Hell-o
02 Bass @ the Base (fest. Sin)
03 E-fight
04 I`d like
05 Irre explodieren nicht
06 Purity
07 Fdhl
08 Hacker
09 War of fidelity
10 Low freak bitch
11 Stomper whore
12 Enjoy my sickness
13 Hoffnung

EUR 12,00