Körperschall Records

Körperschall Records is a german independent gothic record label. It was founded by Maxagon in Frankfurt (Main), Germany in 2008. Singnings include bands from different genres of the gothic subculture. The releases vary from hard electronic or guitar-driven music to neoclassical and orchestral music. In the early years Körperschall Records was primarily used as a vehicle for releasing new material of Maxagons bands Industriegebiet and Ellipse.

But after a big success in the german alternative charts, a few club-hits and concerts in Europe, Körperschall Records started to support external bands (since 2011) and produced their first releases. Over the years more and more artists joined the label. In addition to Industriegebiet and Ellipse the current Körperschall bands are: Diodati, Gedankenrasen, Dr. Kranck and New Electronic Order (NEO). In 2015 the label moved from Frankfurt (Main) to Berlin. Besides the regular CD and DVD releases Körperschall Records also produces it's own music videos and organizes it's own events, like the Devils Opera Party in Offenbach.

The name Körperschall (structure-borne sound) was inspired by a term normally used by sound engineers. But in german Körperschall can also be interpreted as the overwhelming feeling the human body experiences while listening to music. In that context our mascot, the crash test dummy, symbolizes a test device for measuring these (emotional) vibrations as well as the crash test itself, which every new music project has to go through.